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The AL-KO company listed for the relevant business division in the legal information is responsible for the content of web pages relating to the individual business divisions, and is the service provider pursuant to Section 5 TMG.


Our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for individual business divisions can be found here:

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for the AL-KO GROUP


Our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for the individual business divisions can be found here:

Our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for the AL-KO GROUP

General Equal Treatment Act

Gender-neutral references to people – For easier readability, we do not differentiate between gender when referring to people (e.g. male and female employees; male and female contractors). Where only one of the two gender-specific variants is used in the following text, this shall apply to both genders pursuant to equal treatment provisions.


AL-KO reserves all rights to texts, images, graphics, audio files, animations, which have been used in the creation of these web pages. These elements are largely subject to copyright protection and other legal protection. They are also partly subject to third-party copyright. The content of the AL-KO Websites may not be copied, disseminated, altered, or made available to third parties for commercial purposes without the consent of AL-KO GmbH. Exceptions include files which are explicitly provided by AL-KO on the websites for downloading and publication.

Trade marks

​Word marks and figurative marks on AL-KO websites are largely protected by trade mark law. This applies in particular to logos, product names, and type designations.

No guarantee, disclaimer

All AL-KO websites have been created with all due care. Nevertheless, AL-KO cannot guarantee that the information therein is accurate and free of errors. AL-KO shall not be held responsible for any damage arising directly or indirectly from use of this Website, unless this is due to wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of AL-KO or its vicarious agents. Files are downloaded and personal data entered at the user’s own risk.


In its ruling of 12 May 1998, the Hamburg State Court decided that providers who publish links may be held jointly responsible for the content of the linked web page. According to the State Court, this can only be avoided if the provider explicitly dissociates itself from these web pages. We have placed a series of links to external web pages on our websites.

We explicitly declare that we have no influence of any kind on the content of these linked web pages. We therefore dissociate ourselves from all content on these web pages and do not assume ownership thereof.

This statement shall apply to all links and the content of web pages to which our links redirect.

Whistleblower system of the AL-KO GmbH Group

At you can anonymously report tips and violations. After you’ve submitted your report, you can track the processing status with the help of the received whistleblower ID and the generated password and communicate with the whistleblower via an anonymous mailbox. The anonymous mailbox doesn’t allow any conclusions to be drawn about your identity. Optionally, however, you can remove your anonymity and provide your name when submitting your report. If you provide your e-mail address, you’ll receive email notifications as soon as there is a change in status or feedback on your report.